Large helicopter company looking to upgrade facility with the largest Rollabooth ever built

A Queensland firm after winning the contract to paint some of the largest helicopters in the market have approved initial designs to install the largest Rollabooth ever conceived.
Being 7m tall and 10m wide it has an airflow of a staggering 33,500 litres every second!
The booth though weighing just over 3 tonnes can still be wheeled in and out by 2 men.
With the helicopters being so large it is difficult to refurbish and repaint them without an enormous paint facility.

The booth itself will be 19m long and retrace its footprint back to just 1.8m in depth.

With a custom rear end to fit the tail rotor and the complete design engineered by Rollabooth in house to stringent specifications it was the perfect solution to a painting challenge of enormous proportions.

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