Painting has always presented the challenges of quality, safety, environment, economy and technology.

Rollabooth recognised these needs and at the turn of the century came up with a concept of a retractable spray booth, one that can Roll Retract and Reclaim.

In 2003 we launched a modest 1 page website and 1 week later we had sales equalling the first year’s production target. That was the beginning, and though there has been many version upgrades, as we listen to our clients needs, the booth remains essentially the same great frame that is guaranteed for life.

Quality is achieved through filtered constant airflow and as the booth seals to the ground on extension the job will always be of the highest standard and your clients will be amazed by the Rollabooth and its versatility.

Safety is a priority at Rollabooth and the main aim is to achieve zero harm. Training can also take place with employees able to watch comfortably through the booth as the operator demonstrates the specifics of their paint and products.

With the environment being so precious and delicate in these times of industrial pollution and global warming it is important to filter and process any chemical product that may cause harm to our native flora and fauna. A Rollabooth allows all companies, large or small, an option now to paint everything as even the largest, heaviest products, can be presented to the booth footprint by crane or fork lift, with the booth simply rolling out to cover the job.

A new Rollabooth is more economical due to its ability to reclaim valuable production space. The cost is also generally less than an old fashioned booth and since there is no development from the ground the booth does not attract a costly Developmen Application.

Our booths are currently produced in Australia but we are in discussions to produce in the UK and US with middle East to follow early in 2017.