For your consideration:

There has never been a better time to inquire as to the benefits of a Rollabooth for your facility

Very compact

But large when deployed

We build the largest retractable booths in the world

7 wide 6 high and 37m back to back!

8m x 5m x 13m installed for mining screen production in 2012. And its sister we installed in 2022 in the company’s Perth Operation.

8.5 x 6 x 16 for Augusta

The Westpac booth was designed large enough to work on the Augusta without the turbine installed.

Clear liner shell 2011 for the Australian Army

Tanks need to be painted too

A 7m x 5m x 15m long shows us working late in the afternoon to get the client painting the very next day.

One of our larger booths. 7 wide 6 high and 19.2 long.

Floor wasnt so great but our unique system handles floors with some challenges.

And of course our pride of place FA 18 Hornet booth, Capable of both Dust and Paint extraction. 9.5m wide x 6m high x 18.5m long.

Some of the differences to the copies on the market

  1. No tracks on the ground.
  2. The liner is hung from the inside of the frame not outside. It is in a proprietary tracking system, not jammed between 2 sections of frame.
  3. Liner is sealed to the floor and lifts back up with our proprietary system. Doesn’t drag and deteriorate over time.
  4. Full front door systems to create the correct and consistent airflow of a ‘batch booth’ for the perfect painting environment
  5. Available in the original clear style or the new reflective white with lights. Copies only make clear booths.
  6. One man can pull the booth out easily.
  7. The entire machine is on wheels therefore does not attract a development application. The copies need to fill out a DA as the plenums are fixed to the ground
  8. Folds to just 10% of its size
  9. We can deliver the smaller booths as complete turn key units.


We can supply a booth to your company in just 6 weeks from order.


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